Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Field Trip

Since today was the first day of Fall, we thought we should take the day off and go on a field trip. Our goal was to find things that remind us of Fall. So we headed out for the country. Snapped a picture of the milk weed pods bursting open that were along the road. I always thought they looked like cotton when I was a kid.

Loved the picture of the butterfly on the sedum flowers. Grandma always told me they were called "live forevers." My sister had a plant living under her deck. Think it is impossible to kill them.

We picked up walnuts at Tool Belt Jim's parents farm. Kids enjoyed that. Grandma showed them how to crack the nuts out with the old hand-made nutcracker that Grandpa had built. Maybe Tool Belt Jim can make one for me when he gets home.

Then Grandma showed the boys a "dancin man" that Grandpa had made. They really liked that!

We went on down the road and stopped and let the boys eat lunch at Tool Belt Jim's brother's house. Remember he's the one blowing the bull horn in an earlier blog. Likes to ride his mule and sit in the dark out in Kansas where man hasn't messed up the countryside by populating it. Someday I'll get him to do a blog and write about his experiences. If I am remembering the story right, he was sick and running a fever one time, but that didn't stop him from getting on that mule and riding across the creek to his dad's house. Trouble was, he fell off the mule and into the creek! Think he went back home and crawled into bed. But, I digress.

This is the boys with their great-grandpa. He's the one that does all that neat wood-working. They love playing with a handmade wagon when they go to visit.

We loaded up the kids and headed on down the road about a mile or so and snapped a picture of a old school house. Bet that building could tell some stories if walls could talk. Love those old buildings.

Then, we stopped at the old cemetery where my great-great grandparents were buried. Koda kept saying it was his "rock". Pretty big rock if you ask me.

Then we drove on down the road to the old "home place" so my daughter could see where the great-great-great grand-parents lived. It was further off the road than I remembered and Koda made me carry him piggy back before it was all over. Technically, we were trespassing and we were hoping someone would come to check us out, preferably on a 4 wheeler so they could give us a ride back to the road. Didn't happen.

Loved the fields of flowers.

I noticed the farmers were out cutting corn. My daughter was embarrassed to be seen snapping a picture . I told her don't worry they don't know who we are. She is forgetting I have personalized license plates so the whole world knows our name.

Found a snake in the road and snapped a picture. Was dead, but kids didn't know it and it was the thought that counts. Then I remembered I had seen a snake skin in the yard, actually , right next to the house, so I showed it to the boys and explained the process of shedding of the skin.

God is good!! What did you trade a day of your life for today? Was it worth it?

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