Sunday, July 6, 2008

What farmers do...

If you live on a farm you are aware of what the farmers have been doing. Here's Caleb, my oldest grandson posing beside the tractor that he has been driving all week. He and his dad are mowing, baling and loading the bales up on the trailer to be moved to their storage place. Kids on the farm learn at a young age how to drive all kinds of equipment, how to fix things and all about the meaning of hard work! Good job Caleb!

Wow, what large bales of hay! Remember those little square ones they use to have when I was young? How times have changed! Of course, tractors have came a long way from those old ones that use to have two little wheels right close together on the front. Dating myself, arent I?

Now someone like me who has no depth perception would have a hard time with this job.

Of course the true mark of any farmer is in the boots. Luke the Duke wanted to show off his boots!

And my daughter and I loaded up the grandkids and went out to survey how the work was coming along
And there is the never ending "working on the equipment" that also goes on when you are running tractors and balers and all the rest of the "big boy toys"
Now tell me again Caleb, what happened to the lights on the top of the tractor?

And even Odie the dog seemed to like the hay even though later he was hacking. Do dogs get allergies?
So if you live in the city, pack up the kids and take a cruise out into the country , down the back roads and smell the fresh mown hay and see what the farmers are doing. It's good for the soul to breathe the country air and you'll appreciate what goes in to getting the food we eat into the grocery stores. Those cows that we get milk from have to have something to eat this winter!!

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