Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes

What have I been doing for the last week? Well, my garden didn't do so hot and I finally just ran the mower over it. My grapes got some kind of black rot and all fell off. My corn is about 2 feet tall and tassling. Potato bugs ate every piece of anything green off the vines. And one day, while driving through the countryside, I ran across a Amish community that had a small produce store. They were selling boxes of huge canning tomatoes for $6.00 a box. Now my momma didn't raise no dummy and I figured out I couldn't possibly raise my own tomatoes as cheap as that. So I bought four boxes of tomatoes and brought them home and have canned 47 quarts of tomatoes so far. I want 100 quarts before I am finished, but I figure I hit the jackpot!
Went to my local flea market and bought a second water bath canner for $4.00 because I gave my second one away to my sister. I realize not too many people can much anymore.
I must have been born in the wrong day and time!

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