Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chicken Pen is Covered!

The hawks are back and have been picking a chicken off a day so something had to be done. Tool Belt Jim gave me these hog nose pliers and rings and I attached the chicken wire to the pen better so my chickens could not get out anywhere around the pen.

The run part of the pen was covered with hay bale wrap which I am hoping will last at least for a few years. Don't you know the hawk is wondering what that stuff was? Now the "little flock" can wander their pen in safety even though they don't know they are safe.

Here's the "little flock" as they hear me pull up on the 4 wheeler. They are learning how to get along in the chicken yard. It's a good lesson to learn. Too bad people don't learn that lesson also!
And they love the wheat that we throw out to them too!

Unfortunately, for some reasons we're only getting 1 egg a day out of 20 chickens. Something's not right here.
The peacocks love the big pen giving them much more freedom to wander. Here's my favorite one checking out what I am doing in their pen.
This chicken is quite the escape artist. It can get out of the smallest hole!
My favorite Seabright rooster hopped right up on the roost and crowed his heart out!!
Isn't John Wayne looking fat and sassy here?
The two peacocks are checking out this new place. And they are not sure if they want to go into this building. So far we are going out after dark and putting them in the building. Hopefully they will start going in on their own although they have spent the last several months roosting outside. We'll see.

Here's my favorite chicken. Polish Crested.

More pictures of my "little flock" happily spending time in the yard!
Love these Seabright"s. Beautiful chickens!
Doesn't this make you laugh? Having a bad hair day. Love my "little flock!" And now they are safe from THE HAWK!

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Jonathan89 said...

very nice flock you have there. I was just browsing the internet and found your blog, i like your peacocks, ive thought about ording some from murry mcmurry hatchery. how well do they cope with the chickens? thanks, Jonathan.