Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's the Barn of all Barns!

Well, we're heading back to the big city. Blacktop roads again. 60 mph... Moving on...Gonna hit the first antique store when my feet hit the ground running....

But wait...

Back up the truck, Jack...what's that we just whizzed past? IT'S THE BARN OF ALL BARNS!!!
Turn around quick! Look at those thingys on top of that barn! How cool are those? And when we drove by again, the owner of this MEGA-BARN came out and said "Let me guess, you're looking at the barn". And he encouraged us to stop and get out and go INSIDE and even climb the stairs to check out the loft! Does it get any better than that? He said it was built in 1925 and was the "old McMillan Farm". I'll do some research on it when I get home and see what I can find out.

And of course I had to have my picture taken with this barn! And bless God, my batteries kept working!

Even Tool Belt Jim was in awe, I am sure.

Look at those beams!

And you can't tell it, but this little room was full of fruit jars. Like gallon size. And the neat thing was as we were leaving he gave me several boxes of them to take home with me. Cool!

Here's Tool Belt Jim checking out the loft where hay was stored in it's heydey. Ha. Ha. that's a neat pun on words.

He's checking out the construction. It truly was amazing! It's the most massive old barn I have ever seen!

I find this workmanship incredible!

Here's a side room where they milked the cows

Tool Belt Jim had to yell up the silo to hear the echo.

The owner told me he was "the only Greek in the county" and he had the old farm up for sale because he was going to move back to where he came from. Either New Jersey or New York cause he couldn't handle the weather here. He worked in television there and had visited West Plains in 1975 and thought it would be a neat place to move to someday. He wanted to get away to a rural area to live but guess this was just too rural for him. He was very entertaining to visit with and told us of being stopped by the officers of the law and questioned about having guns or drugs, probably cause he wore his hair in a pony tail and had a different accent and looked a little "out of place" in this neck of the woods.
I Loved talking with him and it's just too bad the old barn wasn't somewhere closer to a "city" so it could be made into a museum or antique store or something like that. Someone came from California once and wanted to buy the old barn but I am sure he thought twice about it when he figured what it would cost to tear it down and move it anywhere.

What a delightful end to a peaceful day. Hope you have enjoyed traveling with us.

Tomorrow, Tool Belt Jim will drag me out of bed early to attend what's billed as "Missouri's largest outdoor flea market"

Until then, good-night....

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