Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MuleSkinner and the Potato Gun....

Story and pictures by Muleskinner's daughter Janet:

"Karla made a potato gun for her boys and dad got to play with it while they were in Idaho visiting. Dad thought his Missouri grandkids needed to have the same thing

so he built one and couldn't wait for the grandkids to come and try it out.

He is still working on some details like a pressure release valve before he sends it home with the kids. My boys spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa the Sunday before school started

and they kept Grandpa and the air compressor busy shooting potatoes that mom had grown in her garden.

Doug and the kids came over and each kid had to take turns shooting the potatoes. Luke loved shoving the potatoes in but he didn't want to pull the "trigger". Dad used a broomstick as a ramrod and they saw how far they could shoot potatoes.

You can also shoot water with it but dad concentrated on potatoes. The first shot that they did started Katelynn and she started crying but she got used to the banging and then the cheering.

I believe Grandpa had as much fun as the grandkids did."


Washer Mom Val said...

Too fun - our friend has a bottle rockets - kids love that kind of stuff! Grown kids too!

Dee said...

Oh ~ grandsons would love a potato gun.