Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Storms Just Keep Coming...

Boy are we getting pounded by storms. On Tuesday while working in the Red Cross office the storm sirens went off forcing us all to go downstairs. Since the Red Cross office is located in our local bank of course the most logical place to put us all was in the vault. Here's our local Disaster Action Team captain and our Chapter Director waiting out the sirens. Of course I'm taking the pictures.

We're having a good time but we are taking this seriously.

However, some of us kept wondering around and pressing our noses against the windows so we could watch the ever blackening skies. Luckily there was no damage done even though funnel clouds were spotted all around us.

Then today we went under a severe thunderstorm watch and about ten minutes after my daughter came down to the house we noticed really strange looking clouds just boiling and swirling above us. I had my scanner on and was listening as spotters were telling of funnel clouds dipping in and out of the sky a few miles from us. I think there was a total of 4 or 5 different tornadoes spotted this evening. My sister said she could see the tornado from town and as she got closer to her home she could tell she was driving right into it. So she pulled over at a friends house and watched it go right over the top of them.

Was a pretty exciting evening here in our small town. Thankfully, we again suffered no damage in our area. You can certainly tell it is the month of June and in the midst of tornado season.

You all take care and when severe thunderstorm warnings come over the weather channel don't think it is not a big deal because they can go into full blown tornado's without any warning. I certainly will perk up a little faster from here on out!!

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