Sunday, October 12, 2008

October Birthdays....

As many as could gathered at the 80 acre homestead to celebrate October birthdays on Tool Belt Jim's side of the family. We had lots of good food, and it was fun catching up on everyone's happenings.

We had brisket and ham and cheesy potatoes and baked beans and salads and desserts and we all ate until we could stand it no more. Then we filled our plates and ate again.

My dad came too so it was a "blended" family get-together. Here's the two dads visiting.

Donna and Gaylord brought me some walnuts and some "persimmons". The persimmons were good and sweet. I have to fight the squirrels for the walnuts because for some reason, we don't have any walnuts on our trees this year.

Of course mule skinner had some stories to swap. Here he was telling us why he needs to go to the remote corners of Kansas for solitude, and his sister couldn't understand why when he lives at the end of a road in a pretty remote area himself.

One of my grandsons sang "Veggie-Tales" song while he played the piano. This was the piano I bought for $75.00 for my birthday years ago and normally it just sits because I have no musical talent. My son Tim plays by ear and he can sit down and play something that would take me years of practice to be able to play. Where is the fairness in that?

Our niece Samantha just turned 21 and brought her "little sweet-heart" with her too.

Here's the upcoming generation that will take care of the rest of us in our old age!

And of course Mule Skinner had to end the get-together by our newest tradition--blowing the horn! And my little grandson Koda covered his ears once again. You would know why if you ever heard one of those things being blown!
A good time was had by young and old and we'll do it again sometime soon.

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