Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 3- Trip to Garden of the Gods in 1942 by side car

Great Aunt Myrtle writes " The Third Day May 31 1942"
 It is cloudy this morning and chilly.  We will be in the mountains before the day is over.  We stopped at the edge of Pueblo and took a picture of a monument where H. Pike had camped.  We went North to Colorado Springs.  We have been able to see the mountains for some time now.  From Colorado Springs we went to Manitow and then to the Garden of the Gods.  We stayed quite a while taking pictures and climbing the rocks.

  We drove over the Rampart Range.  It was about 25 miles of driving  in low and second gear.  We finally found a town.. Woodland Park.  From there to Cascade and then the Pike Peak Highway.  The road had been opened up only about 11,000 feet.  Some places wee so bad I would get out and push while Grant rode. We stopped took some pictures and had a snow ball fight.

 Then we went on up. When we reached Glen Cove we could go no further .  The road there on was high with snow.  I walked on up about 500 feet.

 We saw Penguin Rock on the way up.  We went  to Manitow Springs and drove up Williams  Canyon to the  Cave of the Winds.  I think Williams Canyon was the prettiest place we saw.  We went through the cave.  It's some place! We couldn't find any place in Manitow to stay so we rode back to Woodland Park.   Gosh, are we burned and tired!  We can look out of our window and see Pikes Peak.

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