Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 5- Trip to Garden of the Gods in 1942 by side car

From Great Aunt Myrtle's journal  "The Fifth Day - June 2 1942"

We can't sleep so get up early and leave.  I was very glad to leave that place as I was very uneasy.  We forgot our flash light. We are still going south going through Walsenburg and Aguilar.  There are still snow capped mountains all around us.  Grant stops and changes oil while I pick cactus and flowers.  We are nearing Trinidad.  The mountains around here looks as if the tops had been sawed off.  We stop in Trinidad and Grant gets a shave while I write cards.  We go to the New York Cafe and and see Austia Dell who use to live in Nevada.

  From there we went west to Monument Lake Park. It is the most beautiful place we visited. I would like to live there.  We saw the stone wall on the way to the Park.

  Mexicans are just all the kinds of people who live along the Highway 12 from Trinidad to Stonewall.  We went to Trinidad and then to Raton , New Mexico.  I didn't think much of the highway as it was crumbling off.  There were roadside parks which are nice for sightseeers.  We saw the Morley Coal Mines which are the largest I have ever seen.  From Raton we took the Highway 72 which a filling station operator told us was a good highway.  I wish I could have laid my hands on him after I had went about five miles.  The bridges had all been washed out.  My nose hurt and bled a little.  When got to Folsom we headed north for the Colorado line.  When we got there I sure was happy again although the country was just plains.  We took Highway 160 to Springfield where we stayed all night.  One thing about us we see parts of the country most people don't see.  Grant is swell person to travel with.

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