Friday, August 4, 2017

Day 4- Trip to Garden of the Gods in 1942 by side car

Great Aunt Myrtle writes "The Fourth Day June 1 1942

" Grant didn't call me on quite as early as we have been getting up.  We slept under a pile of blankets and have a fire going this morning.  We are going west again today on Hwy 24.

 We are making numerous stops to look at rocks and etc.  We went to Petrified Forest but it hasn't been opened up for the season yet.  We went through Wilkerson Pass.  We are both almost froze.  There is snow all around us. After leaving the Pass the highway goes across some plains.  It is straight west as far as a person can see. We stopped in Hartsel for coffee to warm us up.  We go to Salida.

 The town motto is "In  the heart of the Rockies" It fits too!  We went to the Royal Gorge from Salida. That highway was practically all down hill.  The rocks were sliding down  on the highway bad all along it.  Looked sorta dangerous to me.  I held my breath half of the time in the mountain.  The Royal Gorge is certainly something!

 I wrote our names on the bridge.

  I could feel it rise up and down and then swing sideways and was scared. When we drove off the Royal Gorge road onto the highway we stopped at a little station.  The people who run it were an old couple that use to live in Ft. Scott.  They knew the Mobergs.  Never thought to ask them their name till after we had gone.  They told us lots of interesting things about the mountains.  We rode on into Canyon City.

Saw the Colorado State Penitentiary.  It is such a beautiful place.  I don't see why people do things that they have to give their liberty.  Western Kansas would make a good penitentiary.  That place is a hell hole! We went to Portland. We couldn't hardly stand it till we got out of there. They make cement there. It fogs down over the highway till you can't hardly see or breathe.  Everything is adobe houses and Mexicans out here but I like it

. We go back to Pueblo again.  Out to the city park we take more pictures and look their park over. We look the little railroads over. It is operated by the man where Grant's boiler came from.

  Again we go south. We try to find cabins after leaving Pueblo.   Sure is a job.  Finally we end up at Shady Greenhorn.  We can get a room but no cabins.  It's late so we take it.  What a mistake!  They raise heck all night!  A bunch of drunks and they fight everything else.

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