Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 2-Trip to Garden of the Gods in 1942 by sidecar

Day 2 Titled The Second Day May 30

Great Aunt Myrtle writes in her journal "We got up early and started on for the west. It was early and a little chilly.  We stopped at kingman and ate breakfast.  We were still on 54 Hwy.  We stopped and saw the world's largest well.  It was hand dug.  The wind is blowing hard and the country has changed. The highways are covered with dead snakes.  This highway follows the Old Santa Fe Trail.  We are  beginning to burn and I have been stung twice by yellow jackets and bees.  We have entered Colorado.

  We are passing many irrigation ditches.  We stayed all night at Fowler, Colorado.  The cabins where we stayed were pretty nice.

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