Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tool Belt Jim's latest project- handcrafted cabinets made from cedar

Is that a character out of some science fiction movie?  Who is that masked alien?  Oh, it is just Tool Belt Jim working in the shop.  He's custom building some cedar cabinets.  He's not impressed when he saw what the wood bees were doing to his stacks of cedar.

This is what a wood bee looks like.  Kinda like a bumble bee but don't think they sting..  

But they will bore holes in your wood and then makes about 6 inch tunnels where they lay their eggs.  You can see where they have bored two holes and then started their tunneling process.  Guess they go in one hole and out the other.  I don't know...

He says some of his lumber is ruined because there are so many holes and unseen tunnels in it.  Cedar is put inside closets a lot to repel moths but guess some insects love it.

First Tool Belt Jim cuts the trees down into logs and hauls them about 25 miles to his shop where they are sawed into lumber and then planed. The part of the log with the lumber left on can be sold as scrap to be burned. 

The lumber is then squared up I guess you would call it and stacked so air can circulate between the boards.  And apparently giving the bees room to do their magic too.

This picture shows the cabinet doors waiting to be sprayed with a sealer.

It is important that you wear protective gear to keep from inhaling the fumes of the sealer.

and now the spraying begins

Everything has to be given several coats ...

The finished product looks beautiful!

And now to deliver  and install the top cabinets.  Next project is to make the bottom cabinets.  I'm sure someone is one happy customer!

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