Friday, January 17, 2014

It's a new year and a new season in my life!

          Driving home from church last Sunday I was observing the fields lying dormant.  It's the season where the ground is resting and soaking up the nutrients from the rain and snow that it will need for the next season.  Which is the one of growth and new life.  I feel like I too am in a season of rest.  And I too am soaking up what my soul needs to be prepared for the next season.  A friend reminded me that even though it appears nothing is happening on the surface that below ground roots are digging deeper and becoming stronger.  I trust that is what is happening in my life also.
       I am running a Retreat Center with a Lodge and a Cabin on the grounds  here in the Ozarks and loving every minute of it.  Meeting new people.  Cooking which everyone knows I love to do!  And learning to let the cares of this world slip away and enjoying the simple life. 
      So come along with me as I journal this new season in my life.    Time to look forward and anticipate what the next season of my life holds in store.. 

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