Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

Well, last week we felt the effects of the Blizzard of 2011 as we are calling it. We received 19 inches of snow where I live and up to 2 feet a few miles to the East of us. Our chapter's Red Cross volunteers were put on alert and we moved our local Mass Care Trailer to the designated shelter location for that "just in case" scenario. I spent the last week in town waiting on the call that never came, which was fine with me. We were prepared and that was what counted!

My Police Officer son and his fellow officers spent lots of their time pushing cars out of ditches cause for some reason people do not believe it when they are told conditions are dangerous and to please stay home. Local police cars could not function on streets that had received 19 inches of snow so the local National Guard was called in to assist and the officers rode in hummers to answer their calls. I'm sure my son was delighted!

Unfortunately, I keep hearing rumors that another big snow is coming next week. All I have to my front door in my townhouse is a shovel wide path with probably 19 inches of snow on each side. I'm beginning to feel hemmed in already!

Spring, how far away are you???

Tool Belt Jim decided to go out in the woods and see if he could build a fire. Just because.

Potential fire Location

Cedar bark did not work as kindling

It takes fine dry sticks like this to start a fire. (dry grass doesn't work either)

The tinder pile

The result! (after 10 matches)

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