Monday, October 4, 2010

Country Home makes me smile...

I love my sister's Sears Roebuck catalog home. It is especially beautiful this time of year with the Hyacinth Beans draped over the fence. My sister is a good decorator also but the home has such a natural beauty of its own. Makes me smile every time I see it. And to get to her side door you walk under a iron trellis covered with vines and across a stone walkway with beautiful plants welcoming you. Isn't this an inviting picture encouraging you to come in and sit a while?

There is such a majestic presence these old houses have in the neighborhood. And hers in encircled by a iron fence. She has Red bud trees and my favorite Pine tree in the yard also! Every time I look at these pictures I smile.

And she has the largest pumpkins on the side porch which she probably grew in her garden this year.
Hope you enjoyed my little tour! And hope you smiled at the memories it brings up too!

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