Friday, August 6, 2010

My son-in-law is a great cook!

And so is my daughter. We had supper at their house last night and it was the best meal I have eaten in forever. Steaks from the grill, pork tenderloin cooked with a rub, corn on the cob, cheesy mashed potatoes, home-made bread and carrot cake for dessert. And now I am truly stuffed!
My daughter makes much better mashed potatoes than I do. Notice she has also added cheddar cheese. Yum, Yum....
These were huge ears of corn that a farmer had brought in to sell at our local store.... she
wrapped them with foil and let them bake in butter.....
And speaking of daughter also made homemade bread.....did I raise her right or what? And don't forget she's doing all this in 100 degree heat and using the oven which heats up the house.....and also don't forget she's gonna deliver a baby girl in 3 weeks! What a woman!!!

And now for Steve's specialty. He's the man when it comes to grilling. These steaks were scrumptious! I keep telling him instead of being an assistant manager of Walmarts he should open his own restaurant!

And he put some kind of rub on the Pork Tenderloin and it was also delicious!

Look at this little one eating his first ear of corn! He loved it! At first I was holding it for him then I thought "what the heck, let him get the feel of eating a messy ear of corn for himself!" And he went right to town on it.
Hope you enjoyed sharing our family dinner with us! We'll do it again sometime soon!

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