Monday, July 12, 2010

sortin the seed..

Tool Belt Jim bought this contraption somewhere and he and my son Kevin were using it to clean Kevin's fescue seed.

They ran into some kind of problem with the screen so they put their heads together to see how to fix the problem.

See that trailer load of seed behind them. That has to be shoveled into the cleaner.

Somebody has their work cut out for them. I have this handsome grandson named Caleb who has some good looking muscles. Bet he got them doing stuff like shoveling.

Once the seed is in the bag, then you sew the bag shut with this portable sewing machine that Tool Belt Jim also bought somewhere.

And he does it with a nice straight stitch.

Quite the setup here. The grain goes out of the cleaner up into this pipe and the bag is waiting at the end to catch the seed.
Kevin and Tool Belt Jim were having some problem with the screen so they took it out and sanded some on it and put it back in. Fixed that problem!

Shovel in some more grain....

Looks pretty clean by the time it gets to the sack doesn't it?

Think everything is working pretty smoothly now. It's your time to take over now Caleb!

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