Monday, July 5, 2010

Something is watching you.....

I borrowed my son Kevin's wildlife camera cause something is getting my chickens again, this time during broad daylight and inside the pen. Tool Belt Jim thinks it might be a cat that is wild. It has killed his Millefleur rooster and one of the Americauna chickens and his little banty chicken which stays most of the time in the peacock pen. So I set the camera up on the wire of the peacock pen actually hoping to see them spread their feathers and do their little dance. And it was my lucky day cause I caught one of them on tape doing it's dance. Maybe tomorrow I will get a pic of the white one.

Is this beautiful or what! Wonder why his tail feathers are not all the same length though. Guess cause he is still young.

When they do their little dance they do a stomping kind of dance and turn in a circle. It is cool to watch but they won't do it when they see me. So, the camera idea was a great one.

As soon as it cools off we are going to have to start making plans to build a wider pen.

Kris the peacock who flew the coop looking for freedom has never returned. And apparently she was my only female according to Tool Belt Jim. So if I plan on raising baby peacocks, I'm gonna have to find me a female to buy.

I just love the peacocks but find it interesting that they never make a peep. What is that all about?

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