Friday, July 30, 2010

Man life is hectic right now.....

Just a quick update on why I haven't posted much lately. I've been working in a Red Cross office about an hour from my home helping train other volunteers with some computer work. And staying with my wonderful friend Kathy. I have been getting to work at 8:00 A.M. which I didn't know existed in my world cause I am such a night owl. So by the time I got off work I hit the couch exhausted. Ha. Ha. Unfortunately my friend has only recently moved and doesn't have her Internet hooked up yet so I have been offline for the biggest part of the last two weeks.

And since I am gone so much and Tool Belt Jim is running back and forth working on his cabin the little flock is getting too hard to keep up with. So I am going to sell everything off --what the predators haven't killed--including my beautiful peacocks. Know anyone wanting to buy peacocks? One is a white one and apparently they are all males. My hopes were that eventually I could turn them loose and let them roam my yard but if these are like my first one, they would be gone within the first five minutes I let them out. Sigh, Sigh....

My daughter's baby girl will be here in three weeks and then things will really get crazy!

The grass looks like I'm living in a jungle cause we have had so much rain. So this weekend will be major mowing happening around the homestead!

you all have a great weekend and thanks for wondering about me! Good to know I have friends all over!

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