Friday, July 9, 2010

Ah Ha! Caught on camera!

I have been watching two hawks fly off from my chicken pen every time I drive up. This shows they have been perching on the roof over the feeder. Poor chickens. Nothing like having your enemy invading your private space is there? Tool Belt Jim said he came home today in time to see the hawk pull one of my little chickens out of the chicken tractor and fly off with it. Now that is covered with chicken wire on all sides.

Gonna have to do something about these hawks. Heard they are protected so you can't shoot them. What about if they are killing the chickens? Need to talk to a conservation agent looks like.

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Anonymous said...

shoot, shovel, and shut up. the do gooders live in town not the country and they are the ones who make the rules and have no idea what rual life is about,