Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three "flew the coop"...

Somebody left the connecting door between the peacock section of the chicken pen and the regular section open and three of my peacocks were able to fly out of the pen. There is a roof over the section I keep the peacocks in but not over the connecting pen. Tool Belt Jim caught one down by the pond but the white one and the green necked one are high in the trees and aren't budging. They spent the night up there. I was hoping they would fly back to the pen once it got dark and roost on the roof of their pen but didn't happen.

I really don't mind them being out as long as they can stay away from the predators and will stay around our property where I can see them. They may like it down around the pond where they can have access to water and trees are overhead for safety and roosting.

We shall see.

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