Sunday, June 13, 2010

Annual Bushwhacker Days Festival

Every town celebrates their own way with a festival of some kind and in my hometown we have our Bushwhacker Days festival.
Our festival was kicked off with a demonstration on the proper way to fold the American flag and also explained to the crowd what each fold represented. It was a very interesting and moving display. Long may our flag be honored in this wonderful country!
Then a flag that was in need of being destroyed was brought up and the proper way of disposing of an American flag was also demonstrated.

Our local bicycle police were out in force to keep the peace.

This little girl and her mother had water for anyone needing to quench their thirst on this hot day.

And what is a country festival without food? Nothing tastes better than hotdogs and hamburgers cooked outside! And I had a BBQ beef sandwich that was beyond belief!

And country festivals draw both the young and old. Wonderful chance to see old friends and catch up on the latest farm news!

Homemade ice cream was being dished up! Does it get any better than this?

Local talent entertained us all weekend. Our festival starts on Wed. evening and goes through Saturday evening. Wednesday nights is Christian entertainment and everyone brings their lawn chairs to gather on the courthouse lawn and enjoy the music.

There's always the local dog show. Wonder what these dogs think about some of the garbs they are dressed in?
And what would a festival be without a parade? We gather our little ones and sit on the curb and enjoy all the bands and floats and candy being thrown out and watching the fire trucks go by and honk their loud horns!
And who is this handsome young man? Think I might just know him!
AS long as there will be small, rural communities there will be annual festivals. And if you live in the big city and do not get to attend one of these small town festivals you are really missing out!

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