Saturday, May 8, 2010

Set a trap and a camera last night...

Borrowed a motion camera from my oldest son and Tool Belt Jim set up a trap last night to see if we could catch a chicken predator. Look closely at the top of the trap. In this picture there is nothing there. Now look at the second picture below.
I had to enlarge it so it is not a great picture but you can definitely see something was there. Just not sure what it was. It is small enough that it sprung the trap but did not get caught itself. Weasel, minx,??? Definitely too small to be a coon. Will set the camera at a different angle tonight and try again. I am sure whatever it is must be craving another chicken dinner.
My grandson Mark came running up to the house last night and said "Nana, I think a "predator" is down at the chicken house. " We had been googling chicken predators. He also told me they were nocturnal which means they hunt at night and sleep during the day. Smart boy, that one!

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