Thursday, May 27, 2010

Throwing my own birthday party again this year!

Countdown is on... Only 2 more days until my big birthday bash. Once again this year I am throwing my own birthday party. Who knows better what I like than me? I've got 60 definites, and 13 maybe's and several I haven't heard from yet. So looks like I am going to have quite a crowd.

Yesterday I washed windows, unthawed the meat, and today I mowed, made sure the outdoor kitchen/gazebo was ready, set up the tables and chairs outside and I need to make a blackberry pie, but think that will have to wait until tomorrow.
Tomorrow I need to wash out the coolers, clean up the smoker from last year, and hit the store to buy some paper supplies and last minute things. Then I'm ready to hang my American flags off each end of the deck and I'm ready for the party to begin. Son in law Steve is cooking briskets, hams and chicken. Is this going to be a old fashioned Walton birthday or what?

Love getting together with friends and family no matter what the occasion!

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