Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another sad day in the chicken yard....

When I went down to the chicken yard today to check on my baby chicks that I had previously bought to console momma Silkie, I found that something had once again gotten in the pen and ate all the little chicks but one. Feathers and all were gone! One dead chick was left and it had its head bitten off. So what is killing these chicks? And how does it get in? I have small chicken wire around all sides including the bottom. Unless it knows how to unlatch the door, it is a mystery. If it is so small that it gets in through the chicken wire, how does it get back out after it has eaten 6 fairly large chicks? So I moved the one remaining chick and momma Scarlett back up to the house and put them in the plastic tub with the 15 babies that I had been waiting to put under her until the weather got a little warmer. So she now has another little clutch of babies to mother but this is getting really exasperating. Now I know why the momma lays so many eggs. She might be lucky to have 3 grow up and survive! It's a cruel world out there!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your chicks.
We don't keep chickens, but we had an owl in our area that was eating baby birds (feathers and all) each night and leaving 'parts' of them in our yard. I know that chicken hawks and other birds of prey will often kill smaller chickens and chicks.
Do you have a cover over your chickens to prevent birds of prey from swooping in at night?