Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Something ate all my baby chicks...

Well last night something burrowed underneath my chicken tractor and ate all my baby chicks but didn't bother the momma. Feathers and all. So now we are putting wire under the chicken tractor also.
Anybody ever seen a tunnel like this and can tell me what it looks like? Coon? Minx? It ate every chicken and I had 12 so that would have been a pretty big meal. Feathers and all!
You can see it tunneled under the chicken tractor although you could tell the wire had been pulled on but that could have been the coon that we caught in the trap the day before. It's quite a mystery to me!
So once again I went back to the feed store and bought some more chicks. Hope my momma banty accepts them. And I should have chicks start hatching from my incubator in a couple more days. Sad day on the homestead....
This time we put the momma and the new batch of chicks in a pretty secure pen with wire on all sides as well as the bottom. Knew this pen would come in handy when I bought it at the swap meet for $12.00
And once again the momma Silkie cuddled the chicks under her wings just as she had done the night before. In all honesty, she probably didn't even know it was a new batch. My understanding is poultry cannot see at night.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about your baby chicks. May God protect the new one's.