Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Planting flowers ....

Time once again to plant the flowers on my patio. Looks like I have more help this year!

Built this new fountain this year.

Put my driftwood and birdhouses up on the retaining wall to get them out of the way. Looks neat also!

Moved this little statue up by the patio so I could see it better.

Can't plant this little pot cause a wren built a nest in here and has several eggs she is setting on. I love wrens! They are my favorite bird! I read once where they are the loudest bird in the forest for their size!

Hostas are coming up!

Planted some trailing flowers around the fountain. By the way this is a solar fountain.

Iris look good this year too! But can you kill Iris? Don't think so.

My hen and chicks survived the winter in their pot.

Love my deer that my son Kevin bought me one year for my birthday.
More plants ready to plant... Gotta go kill a wasp for my wimpy daughter who thinks a little, tiny wasp is capable of carrying her off to a death too scary to think about.....

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