Friday, April 2, 2010

The incubator is doing its job....

Tool Belt Jim stopped by our local extension office and rented this incubator from them. Looks like I should have wiped the dust off the top before I took the pic doesn't it? I have duck eggs, guinea eggs, banty eggs and one seabright chicken egg as well as some regular chicken eggs in here. Hope they hatch.

The extension girls sent a box that had some books etc. in it about chickens. One little booklet was Recipe For Raising Chickens by Minnie Rose Lovgreen and it is the sweetest book about chickens I have ever read.

I have a banty setting on some eggs and here's something she wrote that I didn't know:

"She (the broody hen) starts laying an egg each day in her nest. She sits on the nest a little longer every day, a little longer every day, until she lays her last egg. She may lay anywhere from 10 to 14 eggs. She is almost ready to set, but she still has one important job to do. With her beak, she picks some feathers off her breast. Then she scuffles the rest all off, until her breast is bare. She knows she has to set with that bare skin right on her eggs, because there's no heat in feathers. The heat to hatch her eggs comes right from her. She imparts her heat to her babies."

What a good momma the little banties are! God has placed something special in them. He cares for His creation as well as His children!

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