Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pregnant and suffering with gall stones...

Please keep my daughter Rachel in your prayers. She has gallstones but they cannot take her gall bladder out until after she delivers her baby which is not due until the first week of Sept. She was admitted overnight to the hospital last night so they could give her some meds and she was getting dehydrated.

She went back tonight because of the pain and is pretty miserable.

I have been watching the kids for them. Tonight Mark has the diarrhea and is puking. Oh joy.


They call me "Deb" said...

May God comfort Rachel and dissolve those stones. May He protect the little one within her and allow them both to enjoy the remainder of this pregnancy.
May God grant you strength as you continue to watch over your family.

Dee said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter...may God dissolve the stones soon and protect the baby.

~S~ said...

Hope Rachel gets to at least feeling better! must be really rough, I will keep her and all her boys in my prayers