Friday, March 19, 2010

The daffodils are blooming but the snow is coming

There was once a old house on the property we bought and set up our homestead on. The house has long ago been torn down before I ever got to see it but I have been told stories of how it had the most beautiful roses growing everywhere. There are still some "seven sister's " roses growing on the fence by the road and I tried to prune and tame them one year and got myself all tangled up. Haven't messed with them since.

But on my way into town yesterday I noticed the daffodils up there are blooming. The owners from long ago must have planted these daffodils along the walkway going up to the house. And every year they bloom as a reminder that what we do in the past --good or bad--not always stays in the past. We reap what we sow, so make sure we are sowing good seeds. That way we'll have a crop of things we want to reap!

Do you think these previous homesteaders thought their labor of love would still be blooming years and years down the road? I love flowers and am hoping that long after I am gone someone (family are you listening?) will still cherish the flowers I so lovingly and with much hard work involved, planted.

Must enjoy them today cause even though it is almost 70 degrees outside, there is a winter storm warning for us tomorrow with a possibility of 8 inches of snow and ice coming. And on the first day of Spring at that!! Go figure but that is what you deal with when you live in the Midwest.

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