Monday, February 1, 2010

Let us take a moment of silence in honor of our dearly departed chicken...

Well, the hen in question in my previous post has passed to her final reward in that great chicken yard in the hereafter....or something like that. May she happily cluck away in that place all good chickens go! Shall we bow our heads for a moment of silence in her honor?

And no, for those of you who wonder but don't want to ask. We did not have chicken for dinner that night!! And I didn't ask Tool Belt Jim what kind of funeral he gave her either. Some things are best not known if you know what I mean...

Guess what was on my desk when I arrived at work today????

A little gift bag. And a "thinking of you" card to go with it! And inside it read " Dear Joyce, As you look at these hens, may your remember fond memories of your dear sweet old hen who is now dancing in heaven. Thinking of you (and your old hen). Peggy and Susan "

And look at these adorable dancing chickens!!! There are actually 4 of them but two didn't want to stand up and have their picture taken!!!
Peggy and Susan, you're the best!!! And oh yes, I got the latest issue of the "Backyard Poultry" magazine just so you all would know there really is such a thing for us "chicken lovers" out there.
So, now what kind of chicken shall I buy now to keep the rest of the "little flock" from grieving so much? Hmmmm.....excuse me while I browse through my magazine. I'm shopping......

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