Sunday, January 3, 2010

It snowed again last night....

I'm at my little "townhouse" as my daughter likes to call it. Just a little cottage I bought when I need to spend the night in town. And when it looks like snow I try to get into town ahead of it cause usually out in the country without 4 wheel drive is bad news.
Here's a picture from my front door looking across the street. You will notice the street plows have not ventured out yet to clear the streets.
Unfortunately, I don't have off street parking at this little house so I am praying no one hits my little truck. There is a park at the end of my street and I know kids will be heading that direction with their sleds. The snow is beautiful even though I hate getting out in it. I have sandbags in the back of my truck but I still spin all over the place.
I have had two fires over the week-end that I know of so looks like next week will be a busy week for this Red Cross person. Take care and stay safe!

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