Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gracie's birthday party

My niece Angie had a birthday party for her little girl. Gracie just turned two! Enjoy the pics
Gracie is taking a quick break from opening presents to visit with Kaden. Let's see, that would make them second cousins.

Visiting with my dad and her great-grandpa. She's listening pretty intently.
And of course everyone got to hold the littlest baby in the clan, Trooper.
And here's grandma (nana Brenda) and Grandpa (Poppa Bill).
The Hicksie Chicks celebrating with Gracie!
Dad is helping Gracie open presents! Wow, A doll!
The best part of being a little girl, is the dresses!

This present was bigger than she is!

Our birthday girl

She even clapped for herself! Don't you love it!
Dad helping her with that first bite from those scrumptious cupcakes!
Hope you had a very Happy Birthday, Gracie! We love you....

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