Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Cottage or Town House....

I have this little house in town that is decorated in cottage style. I love to stay there cause it reminds me of "grandma's house". This little house always has someone staying there and everyone seems to feel a sense of peace when they are there. I call it my refuge from the storm!

This bed is a full size and I love the bedspread and pillows
This bed is a queen size and is like sleeping on a cloud! Love big pillows too!

Antique cups and saucers make me smile...

As does this antique chair that my sister and I bought at an auction together
My living room couch in my favorite color.

Antique picture with a very old poem in it.

Rose petal shower curtain...

Antique picture of a little girl I think I once knew...

Twin rockers waiting for someone to sit in them. Love those original hardwood floors!

This is my $10.00 TV and on top of it is the one left on my front porch!

Another favorite chair with my Great-Aunts handmade thingy's on it.

And who could forget the frig that the missionaries who have stayed here leave their pictures on so we can remember to keep them in our prayers
Kitchen shelf with some of my favorite things on...

Love this bar height kitchen table set. And those curtains are so lovely!

Can you tell this is a magical place for me? Hope you enjoyed taking a tour of my special place and hope you have a special place that seems magical to you too!

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GrammyGoo said...

Nana ~~
Your cottage is just lovely!
Blessings, GG