Friday, December 25, 2009

Snow on Christmas Day 2009!

Well the snow arrived as predicted just not as bad as predicted. We were to go to my daughter's this morning for Christmas breakfast casserole and this was my pumpkin coach that showed up at the door to deliver me there. AKA Tool Belt Jim and the "ugly truck" as I like to call it. However, it is the only 4 wheel drive we have on the place now so I might have to start showing it more respect!

The 4 wheeler does come in handy in this kind of weather also.

It's 60 degrees inside the little gazebo we enclosed cause there is a small heater going. Keeps the water pipes from freezing. This little building is so handy.
Had to clean the snow and ice off the front porch before family arrives for Christmas supper.
Little bird house is braving the snow!
Front deck and chairs are snow covered.
Tomorrow I must remember to throw out some bird seed for my little friends!

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