Sunday, December 27, 2009

Simplicity and Innocence

I love the innocence you see in the old photographs. I especially love the ones put out my toilet tissue and soap companies. A little girl and her dog. Isn't it precious? Innocence and purity and all things good. That's what I see in these old pictures and I try to pick up any of them I find at flea markets.
I also love old antique Christmas cards, post cards and calling cards. Old is the key word. I love anything old. The drawings and photography cannot be beat even by today's high tech stuff.

I remember the old fans. Usually while sitting on a hot bench waiting on a long church service to end. Everyone fanned themselves to keep cool. No air conditioning in those days. Seems like most fans advertised funeral homes. Ever wonder about that? This one had a baby sucking a bottle.

My sister found both these fans somewhere and gave them to me. This one is a patriotic fan. Special for two reasons. Unusual fan and given to me by someone special. Thanks Shirley.
Reliving old memories and finding things that bring back those memories is fun...

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GrammyGoo said...

Love your pictures Nana.....from a gentler time ...
Blessings, GG