Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009 at Rachels...

Come celebrate Christmas at Rachel's with us....
love this picture of her boys, Mark, Koda and Kaden
Remember the excitement of opening presents on Christmas morning as a child?

How great is this? A new lunchbox for school!

Mark bought this present for his mother at school...
Poppy passed out the best kind of!

I got my favorite kind of gift! Ornaments!

Tool Belt Jim has this thing about knives......

Told him we needed to get one last picture before his search for his next wife....unless I get serious about taking my blood pressure medicine. Seen the Dr. Friday and she said I was going to be sitting in a nursing home after "stroking" out if I didn't begin to follow Doctor's orders and take my meds as directed! She forgets my life is in God's hands but I will take my meds...if I can find them...

The kids got lots of Lego toys and you see who is playing with them, don't ya?

Another bird ornament for my collection. Love them all!

And Steve and Rachel found these delightful little birds. Aren't they precious?
Tool Belt Jim bought me the best present a person can get. Gift card to my favorite clothing store

And I bought Tool Belt Jim a new bread machine this year. He likes grinding his own wheat into flour and then making that flour into bread. The directions to our old machine have been lost for a long time and I thought the new machines can do more stuff anyway. Like make jams???

Hope you enjoyed our little Christmas celebration with Rachel's family this year. We certainly had a good time.

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