Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tool Belt Jims newest project....

I bought this antique wood cooking stove several years ago at an auction. Now that the gazebo is enclosed, our plans are to hook it up in there. It will be beautiful when it is cleaned up! I love the colors of the old appliances. This one says it was made in 1927 I believe. The cool thing is I have my Great Aunt's dining room chairs and they are the same color turquoise as the stove and they are already in the gazebo. How cool!
We had even stored some old cast iron cookware in there that we had forgot about.
I can hardly wait to see it all cleaned up and ready to use. This is going to be my old fashioned outdoor kitchen just like they had in the "good ole days". That saved the big house from getting heated up when they did their canning. What a handy place to have if hard times ever come again.

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