Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving is approaching...

Gonna do something different this year and have both sides of the family over at the same time for Thanksgiving dinner. Looks like we should have about 50 people . The enclosed gazebo is just about finished and just in time. Tool Belt Jim put the final exterior door up this past week and the weather has just turned cold with light snow possible in the forecast.

I've got two turkeys to cook, a couple hams and a pork loin smoked. Does that sound like enough meat for that many people? Rather too much than not enough, that's my thinking.

The older I get, the more I want to see my family spend more time together. Hope you all are looking forward to having a Thanksgiving dinner with your friends and family also!


They call me "Deb" said...

I sure hope other family members are bringing the side dishes and desserts? That's quite a lot to think about to seat 50 people at a home-cooked Thanksgiving 'buffet'!

GrammyGoo said...

Oh Nana.....That sounds lovely!!!!
We are having 30 for Dinner and we have Three 22 lb Turkeys.

Then later in the evening we have a few more join us for sandwiches and dessert.

Sounds like you have enough. If not Walmart has turkeys for 40 cents a pound in most areas. And you can grab one if your feelng like you don't have enough.

Blessings, GG