Thursday, October 29, 2009

What stories could these old buildings tell if they could tell us their history....

Had a Red Cross meeting in the city so spent the night and then took the scenic way home through the countryside. Had my camera with me so snapped some pictures of buildings many no longer being used. But what stories and memories they could tell us if only they could talk.

Stopped in and browsed through this old building which is a antique store now. Even climbed the steep stairs to go upstairs. Was once an old lodge. What stories it could probably tell!

An old church located down the road from where Tool Belt Jim grew up.

Another wonderful old barn

A deserted old school house. Can you hear the laughter of children from days gone by?

This old Post Office built in 1948 is still operating in a small rural town.

Little country church still meeting...

It mayhave taken me a little longer to get home from my trip but it was worth it

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