Saturday, October 17, 2009

Still doing the nursing thing....

Well, it is Saturday morning and the two older boys are up and watching cartoons. Daddy Steve ran a fever of 103 last night so he is in bed. Momma is getting ready to head to Wal-marts to buy some yogurt cause the medicine Baby Kaden is taken can cause a yeast infection.

I called our family pediatrician last night cause there is a lot of barking like seals going on around here and he said a lot of croup is happening with this flu.

I'm hanging in there and feeling o.k. Wouldn't do for momma or nana to get sick. Who would take care of us?

Our Dr. offices are full in our little town. Hope you all stay well!


They call me "Deb" said...

That same crouping is all over oure area too. We visited Walmart today to get some groceries and nearly every aisle had someone barking and a few people just looked so feverish.
They are telling everyone that it is the H1N1 flu.
I pray that God will shelter you so that you'll stay well and healthy as you nurse the sick one's. And that God would give you and 'Momma' that extra amount of strength that you both need during this time.
May God touch your family with quick healing!

GrammyGoo said...

Nana.........Praying for you all asking God to keep you all safe and healthy. It has been the same here too! But God is Faithful.

Right through my house of eleven. This is our 2nd round now. Lots of prayer, soups, rest and Psalms 91 taped to all the doors of the house.
Hugs sister,