Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mill # 1--The Dawt Mill

We knew our first mill was located somewhere outside the town of Gainsville, Mo. and is the Dawt Mill. We stopped on the square and asked for directions. Notice the crowd. Think they were probably waiting for the cyclists to arrive.

Remember Tool Belt Jim has a thing about reading every highway marker or marker of any kind for that matter. Notice we're in Ozark County.

They had this cute little log cabin on their courthouse square and I couldn't resist snapping a picture of it.

Dawt Mill. Located in the middle of nowhere, but we found it. And there is a motel/bed and breakfast/inn there. We'll have to remember that as a future place to stay
Posing for a picture with mill #1

Tool Belt Jim likes looking at the old mill wheels.

And seeing the old parts that once made the mills operational.

He has to walk all around them and check them out. He's trying to figure out how much energy he can generate if he had one operational at home I am sure. Of course, our problem is we don't have a water source. Don't think the pond would work.

Close up of the paddle wheel

This was my favorite sign. One lane bridge. Notice the rock lined wall . And you could not see if another car was coming either. We're really living on the edge today! My thoughts were that we should honk first before we proceeded.

Here's a better picture of the rock lined , one lane, blind road. But we bravely drove on...

Here's the river as we crossed the one lane, low water bridge. Moving pretty swiftly. A man was sitting by the side of the road in his lawn chair watching the river flow by. Enjoying the peaceful life.

We spent the next hour or so driving back road trails trying to see if this road would actually come out on a highway somewhere. They had road signs like the one above so we knew they were county roads and hopefully would be marked if they were dead ends.

I can't resist taking pictures of old barns. They too are slowly dying out as modern, new metal barns are replacing these majestic old buildings of the past. Too bad....

And we continued on....

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Anonymous said...

Hi, just happened to cross your blog while looking at Dawt Mill on google. Interesting.
We just bought 15 acres in Caulfield Mo near Dawt Mill. New to that area, so we are looking forward to exporing the area.
Judy in Illinois