Sunday, October 11, 2009

Early morning swap meet...

Got up early this morning and headed to one of Tool Belt Jim's favorite places. It's billed as "Missouri's Largest Garage Sale & Flea Market". Only problem was this morning was COLD. And I had only brought a light jacket. But not too many people had ventured out to set up in the cold weather so it didn't take us long to walk through it.

And every swap meet I've ever been at had someone selling tires...

Remember how the man who owned the barn gave me some fruit jars? Well at the swap meet I bought a water bath canner for $5.00 and a cast iron skillet for Steve for $3.00 and another one for me for $5.00. See the kind of things I keep an eye out for can't you?

On the way home we took old Hwy 66 and passed this old barn. I love old barns that have advertising on them.

Another old house that has seen better days.
Made it back home. Hit the grocery store for the usual milk, juice, sandwich meat etc. etc. Promised Tool Belt Jim I would fix mashed potatoes with chicken for supper tonight. Cold weather puts me in a cooking mood. Gonna have to get the old faithful wood stove ready to go if this cold, rainy weather keeps up. Had to turn on the furnace when I got home. And this is only the middle of Oct.
Hope you had an enjoyable week-end. I sure did!

May be a holiday for some of you tomorrow but I have to work in the Red Cross office so it's getting late and I need to get to bed. Have a good night!

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