Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 2 of on our quest for old mills...

We left Branson and headed down the less traveled highways looking for the few grain mills left in the Ozarks hills. We found an article in our Ozark Mountaineer magazine about these mills and thought it would be a good time to hunt them down.

Unfortunately, the generation following after us don't seem to be too excited about preserving these old relics of days gone by and many of the old mills are already gone. Don't you just love these old bridges? The trees are just now starting to turn colors and because of the heavy rains many of the rivers and streams were swollen and out of their banks.

This is one of Tool Belt Jims favorite signs. If you look real closely, you'll see the cyclists up ahead.
And notice the early morning fog rising.

Crooked road signs , early morning fog and cyclists are not good combinations. After we passed these cyclists we also met an ambulance driving with red lights on and I wondered if someone behind us had not seen them in time and an accident had happened.
This is one of the roads that we stopped and tried to decide if it was O.K. to cross. Notice the boy on the bicycle was also trying to decide the same thing.

We figured if he could do it so could we.

We actually crosses several low water crossings in our travels. This one made me a little more nervous
I'm mentally reviewing my driver's course I took that said something about not crossing water that comes to the rim of your tires. Hmmm.....

Tool Belt Jim made some comment about one of the tractors in the area pulling us out if we got washed over. I'm not feeling real reassured however.
Now, where is that grain mill???

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