Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 1 of our mini-vacation

We started out later than we hoped cause I needed to bake several loaves of Amish bread for my sister before we could leave. She had to unexpectedly fly out to be with her daughter who had just lost her unborn baby who was due to be born in a week or so. Please keep them all in your prayers as these next few days and weeks will be very hard for all of them.

What to do with the bread? Took it to the local police station still hot for the officers to enjoy. Unfortunately, I think I left out the salt but maybe the extra cinnamon and sugar and walnuts will make them not notice.

Our first stop was in Carthage where we checked out a house a friend bought on a tax sale for under $20,000.00. It had been trashed but it was located in the Country Club area and had a pool in the backyard. Will have to check out those tax sales. Once he gets done cleaning it up and replacing the carpet and painting again, he will have a $200,000.00 house.

Then we took Hwy 76 to Branson. Did have to turn around a couple times on our travels because of flooded roads.

Coming in to Branson.

Stayed at the Honeysuckle Inn. Nice place but our room was up on the hill and couldn't get the internet back there. What did we do in Branson? Absolutely nothing! We're not "show fans" . I'm sure my daughter was rolling her eyes when I told her we didn't go see any of the entertainment.
Tomorrow, we've got a big day ahead of us going the back roads of the Ozarks looking for old grain mills. Traveling country back roads is our idea of a good time. Come ride along with us and enjoy the scenery.

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