Monday, September 14, 2009

Hauling off the brush...

Since Tool Belt Jim is busy working on the gazebo I decided to load the brush that I had previously cut down and haul it off. Remember I trimmed around all the trees in my side yard and piled the limbs and stuff in little piles all over the place. My daughter says I am obsessive/compulsive and that nobody else expects their yard to look like a park. Anyway. Humor me a little.
Here's the truck once I got it loaded. I am hoping Tool Belt Jim will get home soon and unload it for me. I'm too tired! I mowed all day, weed-eated around the house. Cleaned out the flower beds. And loaded the brush on the truck.
Tool Belt Jim had lots of help unloading the truck. Then he had three tractor loads more to pick up.
Here's a front view of the house after I weed-eated around the porch.

And I also pulled the weeds out from under the old iron rake.

Now here's my next and last project before I can say my yard is finished. This is my future birthday present. That's what I tell Tool Belt Jim anyway.
I'm heading to a tub of hot water to soak for about an hour. Then maybe if I can crawl out of it I'll head to bed. Have to work in my local Red Cross office tomorrow. Good-Night! It's been a productive day!

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