Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Now That's A Cooker!

Tool Belt Jim rigged up this outdoor cooker so I could "water bath" my tomatoes without heating up the house. Sat it out on the patio and put a windbreak around it so the flame wouldn't blow out and that baby boiled away!

So if hard times hit, I can go back to cooking just like they did in the old days. Except in the old days they probably didn't have a propane tank hooked up to the burner. They probably built a real fire with sticks under it!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Nice way to keep the house cool while you still accomplish your canning.
My uncle had one of those that he also fashioned and created. His stood about two feet tall and he used it outside for family and community fish-fries.
We also had one in the basement of our first home. The former owner used it in her basement to do all of her canning.
Happy canning!!

Rose said...

That reminds me of some of the pots you see around Louisiana when they are doing cook-outs like crawfish or shrimp boils. Works for me! We did something similar when we had no power after Katrina. People seem to forget you can cook on an open fire if need be!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty awesome, Nana! I'd love an "outdoor kitchen" like yours! It gets so hot around here, much too hot for canning in the summer! I do it, but it can get very unpleasant! :)