Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's a traveling chicken house!!!

Tool Belt Jim wanted to build a smaller chicken house for the banties and guineas before colder weather got here so out came the tools this past week. I think he did an excellent job, don't you? Here he is painting it the easy way!

This little door on the back is a vent so we can get some air flow.

It also has nesting boxes with a door that opens to the outside, just like the bigger version.

Here it is sitting in the "dog pen" that I bought off the trader program. See the little window on the side? Looks like a little playhouse to me. I just love it! Hope the chickens and guineas are as excited about it. They had to be caught and put inside cause they didn't want to go in on their own. Go figure!

The ducks are growing up! Look at the green on this one!

Isn't this one beautiful!
The guineas are checking out their new home but they're pretty cautious.

Isn't John Wayne looking good?
And he's still running. Usually AWAY from the "girls." He's a disgrace to his namesake!

My little flock. I think they are "molting" or something. Their feathers are starting to turn white. Tool Belt Jim also built this little chicken feeder. He's quite handy.

4 eggs. Hmmm... one of my chickens is slacking off.
It may be hot outside, but we're getting ready for winter ahead of time. Must have a warm and snug place for my farm animals for this winter.

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Dee said...

A true mansion. Lucky chickens.