Thursday, August 13, 2009

What time is it again????

I planned on getting in to the Red Cross office early this morning as I have lots to do today. My hopes were to be there by 8:00 A.M. but at midnight I was still up and couldn't sleep. I have got to quit drinking that iced tea in the evenings! So when I woke this morning, I jumped out of bed , looked at my watch and hit the shower on a run.

After getting dressed, fixing my hair and all that stuff I was ready to head out the door. Imagine my shock when I glanced up at the clock on the wall and it said 6:45 AM !! I had misread my watch for gosh sakes! I can't even get into the building before 8:00. Now, what to do for an hour......

I need a digital watch or one that talks to me apparently!

There's a low hanging fog or something out there this morning. Does anyone else feel Fall is in the air? It may be hot but for some reason I keep sensing a change of season coming. Wonder what kind of winter we will have this year?

Have a great day today!

"This is the day the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it" That's what the Bible says so I'm going to live it to the fullest today!


GrammyGoo said...

Morning Nana! Have a great day. I was telling the ladies on a forum I belong to that it feels like fall here (2 days ago Central Massachusetts) it is a weird feeling. Last week my husband and I were sitting in the yard and leaves were dropping from the trees.

Last winter we were hit with 3 back to back ice storms that closed schools for weeks and some folks had not electricity for 10-12 weeks in some communities the damage was so bad. Hoping to get through flu season and winter with no major hurdles. God is Faithful.

Blessings, GG

Calico Prairie said...

Oh no! What did you end up doing with your morning?

You know--I've been thinking the same thing about Fall being in the air. We've had unusually low temps (high 80s, low to mid 90s) for the past few weeks, when customarily we have 100s in August. I love that it's not so hot, but I'm wondering about winter too.

Have a great evening! :)

Rose said...

It's so comforting to know others misread their clocks. I have done that more times than I care to mention...LOL. A talking clock would be great. Much better than a wall size one, which is what had crossed my mind the last time I got up two hours before I needed to.
I don't feel any "fall" in the air here (South MS) because its still so darn HOT, however, I have had a similar feeling about this winter being a bad one.
Have a blessed day!

Jacquelyn said...

Oh please don't say that F word (FALL)!! Not yet! As much as I love the changing seasons, I will not give in to summer's end until October 1st! Then I put up fall decorations and leave them up till the day after Thanksgiving, when I change them to Christmas. Around these parts (NE OH) we have 6 full months of I have to hold onto every summer day I can get! Can you believe OH averages only 67 sunny days a year? See what I mean??!!!